Yacht Financing

Commodore, Inc. has arranged for buyers of ships and yachts to obtain financing through an investment banking firm. The investment banking firm is Allegiance Capital Corporation in Dallas, Texas. They are a full service investment banking firm that understands the terms and conditions that are required to obtain financing on all size vessels. They market transactions on an international basis to find the lowest possible interest rate and best terms on ships and yachts of all sizes. They are able to move quickly to fulfill the financial needs of buyers by arranging funding for transactions very rapidly. Allegiance Capital executives have served as financial architects for a variety of marine transactions and provide the professional advice and capital market solutions that buyers need. Their financial engineering allows them to achieve the most advantageous results for their clients. 

Allegiance Capitalís website is: http://www.allcapcorp.com/ 

Allegiance Capital Corporation 

12750 Merit Drive, 

Suite 1410 Dallas, TX 75251

Phone: 972-385-9102  Fax: 972-385-7165

Email: info@allcapcorp.com 

Individuals to Contact: Ron Stacey, ext. 240   Dan Flick, ext. 255 or

John Gilreath, ext. 231 

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